Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Web-based recruiting and staffing

This chapter is about the web-based human resource planning – recruitment and staffing. In this chapter, I learnt about the things that are related to the e-recruitment system; which is an online job application and processing system for employer to find new employees.

Many subtopics have been taught in this chapter. The components consist of input, HRIS database and output. The function and application, the advantages and disadvantages, and the implication of using web-based recruiting and staffing on management are the other subtopics that I had learnt.

The e-recruitment system was developed to find right people for the organization in the easiest way. This is because the e-recruitment system is enabling the organization to reach a large target of job applicant. Furthermore, the system can reduce the cost and time to find a larger pole of job applicant.

Moreover, the system also gives advantages on the management. HR administration can release their burden because e-recruitment system requires less effort than manual recruitment. Then, the system is also helping the management to be cost effective and efficient. High quality applicant can be reached easily as the job applicant by e-recruitment comes in a larger pole. And the most important thing is that the administrator can easily update the information whenever they need new employees.

But there may be slight disadvantages of the e-recruitment system. From the view of the organization, the system can be a big problem if the information in the system is lost due to the virus and spyware. And it is costly for the company to repair the whole system.  

By learning this topic, I found out that this e-recruitment system brings many positive effects to the organization. It is good for all company to have their own e-recruitment system to make sure that they choose the right people for the company. 

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